Extra wide Conveyors

Wide Belt Conveyor

Extra wide Belt Conveyor

Aside from our standard sizes belt conveyors we can manufacture more bespoke designed extra wide belt conveyors to suit our customers requirements.

Over the years we have had numerous customers asking for wider conveyors than our standard medium duty solutions generally support, this is where our extra wide belt conveyor comes in for transporting larger sized items and supports widths of up to 2m.

The above video demonstrates one such conveyor. This large installation was manufactured to transport sheets of wood over one long continuous line, for such a long line multiple conveyors were used however, similar to our medium duty range we can supply these conveyors in almost any length required to suit any project. Smaller such conveyors can be seen in the below gallery

Conveyor Options & Accessories

Our extra wide conveyors use the same quality components used in our robust medium duty conveyors and generally have the same options available including:

  • Fixed Sideguides
  • Adjustable Sideguides
  • Quick Release
  • Swan neck & Nose over
  • Castors

Again the electrical options available are broadly the same and include IP20 or IP65 variable speed panels, start/stop buttons or an e-stop button.

Extra Wide Belt Conveyor Specification

  • End Roller Diameter: Contact us
  • Roller Materials: Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Drive Type: Geared motor
  • Drive Position: End Drive
  • Belt Type: 2ply PVC (food grade) with other options available
  • Frame Material: Painted Mild steel or Stainless Steel
  • Conveyor Finish: RAL 5010 with other options available
  • Conveyor Widths: 300mm to 2000mm
  • Conveyor Loading: Contact us
  • Support Detail: Welded ‘H’ section (+/-50mm)

Exta Wide Belt Conveyor Gallery

Heavy Duty Conveyor Systems

Heavy Duty Conveyor

Heavy Duty Conveyor for heavier loads

Fastrax build excellent quality standard belt conveyors that are reliable, robust, great prices and are suitable for a multitude of applications. From robot cells, through production and food processing lines to a one off simple transport belt conveyor you will be in the knowledge the belt conveyor will be low maintenance, dependable and well built. Heavy Duty conveyors from Fastrax use only high quality conveyor drives and belting.

Conveyor Specification

  • Belt Widths: 400mm to 1800mm
  • Belt Type: 3ply PVC Green or 3ply rubber
  • Drive Type: Shafted mounted geared motor
  • Speeds: To suit application
  • Supports: Welded ‘H’ Section
  • Finish: Painted blue (RAL5010) – non standard colours available


Conveyor Options

  • Variable Speed (IP20)
  • Variable Speed (IP65)
  • Start/Stop Button
  • Fixed Sideguides
  • Adjustable Sideguides
  • Quick release belt (generally for stainless steel conveyors for easy cleaning)
  • Castors

About Us

Fastrax are a UK based manufacturer of proven reliable, robust belt conveyors and ancillary equipment ideal for resellers, integrators and end users using only quality components for a quick delivery and at a great price

From planning to completion Fastrax works closely with clients to firstly establish the needs and performance criteria with a view of providing an optimum solution delivered within an agreed budget.

Fastrax conveyors employs a continuous improvement policy covering all areas within out business, working closely with our clients during a project and after sales. This enables us to develop our products, systems and general business operations.


Roller Conveyors

By manufacturing a wide range of gravity and driven roller conveyors we are able to provide a gravity roller conveyor or a driven roller track on a quick delivery. Our proven products are robust and will give reliable service to many industrial roller track applications

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyors

Using proven designs and quality drum motor or gearbox motor drives and components Fastrax manufacture a range of belt conveyors that are proven, tested and reliable and suitable for a multitude of industries. These conveyors are all available with quick delivery
As a manufacturer we are able to build the component products for use within your conveyor systems in the UK and Europe. Whether our requirement involves raw product, carton handling or palletised goods, Fastrax are able to respond with a conveyor system or process line to meet your requirements. Fastrax are able to offer an ideal solution at the lowest possible cost, without an additional mark up of buying in standard and additional conveyors and components within. Our UK manufacturing site produces standard and reliable conveyor products for delivery throughout the UK and Europe.

Belt Conveyors manufactured by Fastrax

Fastrax are a uk manufacturer of proven, reliable belt conveyors. Ideal for use as with conveyor systems, integration into bespoke machinery, or as standalone units.

Fastrax are an ideal partner for your conveyor needs, building conveyors suitable for use within a wide variety of industries. Delivering reliable conveyors using quality European components and at a great price for delivery throughout the uk and Europe.

Belt Conveyors manufactured by Fastrax

At Fastrax

We are a UK manufacturer of belt conveyors in mild steel for use as single modules or within more complex systems. Working from our standard proven designs we manufacture quality conveyors, with proven reliability and are realistically priced. Our manufacturing is based in Corby and delivers conveyors throughout the UK and Europe. We aim to be the first choice for our reseller and end use customers for belt conveyors, process lines and modules. We will achieve this through a commitment of working with our customers and colleagues to manufacture robust lasting conveyors and process equipment which delivers reliable, low maintenance operation.

At Fastrax we can also supply you with all the components you need for your equipment such as belting, rollers, drum or geared motors, inverters, bearings & sprockets making Fastrax a perfect solution for all your projects & systems.